Deer Mirror

So, here is something more for the home decor! 
My hubby is building a bar in the basement AKA: The Man Cave. 
He is a hunter and very much into the outdoorsy theme…so the basement is hunting and outdoor themed. 
For behind the bar I have been looking for pub mirrors that go along with that theme, and haven’t had much luck, so why not make something? 
This is what I came up with…
 What do you think? I have a larger mirror and a twin to this one, so I am thinking I will do another small one, and on the big mirror, a larger scene. Then we can hang them all behind the bar to get that “pub” style going. 

So, what you need for this simple craft is:
A mirror (I snagged these at the thrift store for a buck a piece!) 
Cut out silouhette of whatever shape you want to make
Permanent Marker
Black Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Start by outlining the shape on the mirror using the permanent marker. 
It is alright if you make your outline a little messy, you are going to fill it in with paint anyway! 🙂 
So…fill it in carefully with the acrylic paint. 
And…TaDa! The first mirror finished! 
You likey? 🙂 Easy Peasy! 
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5 thoughts on “Deer Mirror

  1. Kay M says:

    I'm a new follower from Blogaholic! I love this mirror. Just a little twist…if you get a chance to go bigger, you could make the 'deer shadow' with chalkboard paint! BAM! Two in one!


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