New Home…No Decor!

My hubby and I recently bought our first home! 
WOOHOO! We are truly becoming grown-ups! 
The down side to it is that we don’t have a ton of home decor. 
The up side is that I get to make and create whatever I want to help decorate! 
This weekend I made a couple quick and easy things to help decorate the home!
These cute burlap monogramed letters were SUPER easy! 
I forgot to take pictures as I went, so I will do my best to explain it! 
Please ask questions if you need more specific directions! 
Okay so…the final project looks like this: 
“How do I get there?” You ask? 
Well to start you need some supplies…
Burlap fabric
Permanent Marker
Easy enough! Here are the steps…
1. Print out the letters you want, in the font you want, and size you desire.
 ( I made the Last name initial larger than the initials for our first names) 
2. Cut out the letters as well as three 4 X 6” pieces of burlap. 
(OR whatever size your frames are) 
3. Trace the letters onto the burlap with your permanent marker. 
4. Color in the letters with your permanent marker. 
(If you want a darker, more bold black, you can use acrylic paint for this step.)
5. Place the burlap on cardboard backing and tape it into place. 
6. Put the frame together and Waa Laa! 🙂 
There you have it! 
Happy Crafting! 
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