Happy Friday + A craftastic weekend!

And boy do I have a LOT planned for the weekend! 
As a teacher, I think I look forward to Friday, every week!
 During the winter especially, because 
I am also coaching high school girls basketball! 
There is not much wiggle room with my schedule, 
(I am sure many of you feel the same!)
 but the free time I do have goes to crafting!
This weekend my inspiration comes from Pinterest + Valentine’s Day! 
**Spoiler Alert! **
If you are my husband
 quit reading NOW!

Really Caleb, STOP! 

Ok….so this year I decided to try the 14 days of Valentine’s day as my gifts to Caleb. 
I searched it in my pinterest search bar, and of course a thousand cute ideas came up! 
Here is what I decided to try this year…
Mommy By Day, Crafter By Night has some adorable stuff over there! I will probably be using some of her ideas and some of my own, but you get the idea! 
Also, to spruce up the casa, I plan on making this precious frame
Pinned Image
and maybe these cute heart hanging thingys
Pinned Image
And, for the teacher friends in my life, I got some good ideas for them as well! 
So cute! Especially with all the germs we encounter on a daily basis! 
So, you say I’m a dreamer, but these are a few of the things I am hoping to accomplish this weekend…along with some more sewing lessons with me, myself, and I! 
What are your plans for Valentines day? Are you getting cupid crafty? 
Also…I have been featured over at Randee’s Organized Chaos! Stop over and check it out! 🙂
Thanks, and Happy Friday! 

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