Burlap Roses

So, even though I did not get to the Valentine’s Crafts as I had hoped, I did get to cross something off of my 30 before 30 list!
I taught myself how to sew! I know it is probably not a huge event, and I still have a LONG way to go, but it is a start! So….grab your coffee and enjoy my weekend crafting adventures! 
I started with something simple, I made some very basic curtains for the mud room…no pattern, I just measured and sewed seams…
And they ended up looking like this…
Very boring, very plain….VERY uneven! 
So after much contemplating, I decided to grab the hubby and he evened out the curtain rod 🙂 
And I added a little pizazz to the bland curtains (even though I was so proud that I made them myself!)
So…the ended up looking more like this…
Much better, I think…right?? 
Well, we still need a shade for the window part, but when that happens it will be mucho mejor! 
Now, how to make those super cute burlap roses you ask? 
I would be SO glad to share with you!
First, you need just a few things…
Hot Glue Gun + Glue
Burlap Strips
1. Cut your burlap in stirps about 30in” by 1.5in”
(If you want larger roses, make the strips longer)
Use this technique if you get frustrated 
with uneven pieces…Cutting Burlap
2. Fold your burlap piece in half on one side, so there is a rounded top. (hot dog style) 
3. Roll the burlap several times to create the center of the rose.

4. After you’ve rolled it a couple times, start twisting the burlap away from the center to start creating the petals. 
IMPORTANT: When you start twisting, don’t fold the burlap in half anymore. 
Only fold the strip in half for the center of the flower. 
(I did this a couple times and it looked TERRIBLE!)

In the picture above, I am just starting to twist the burlap instead of rolling.

5. Keep twisting and holding the flower in place with your free hand. 
If you don’t like the shape or way it is twisting, don’t fret, you can pull petals up and change the way they look as you go or after you have glued the back. 
6. When you are happy with the shape, put hot glue on the back of the whole flower. Use the last couple of inches to adhere to the back. 
7. Press it down and trim up the excess edges. 
Also, feel free to trim up the fraying burlap on the petals and edges, it won’t ruin the flower at all, and it will clean up the look a bit. 

Happy Crafting! 

23 thoughts on “Burlap Roses

  1. Christine says:

    Sooooo cute!!!!! I love them!! They look perfect with the curtain!

    Check out my blog too 🙂 I also have a linky party going on.. I would love it if you shared your creation.


  2. Jenny Melrose says:

    I also want/need to learn to sew, but I can't seem to get my toe wet yet. I think I need to be pushed in to try it. The burlap roses came out beautiful and they add so much to the curtains. Thanks for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays!


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