Feed Sack Pillow

So, as you can probably tell, we are going with a rustic theme in a most of the house to go along with the age of our home…
(built in 1925)
I went to an antique mall yesterday for the first time and I can NOT believe I have never been before! I LOVED it! It was huge, overwhelming, and beautiful!
I think I touched everything in there and wanted most of it!
I had self control and ended up with a couple old vintage feed sacks, and old Elvis concert poster,
 and my hubby found him self a couple things.
My prized find! 
Once I bought the feed sacks I had a million ideas of how I could cut it apart, use it for this or for that…but there was a part of me that wanted to keep it in tact and show of the cool colors and wear and tear of the sack….so this is the end result of one of the sacks.
Now that I have made one, I think I want 1,000! I want to put them all over the bed, on the front porch, I want to weatherproof them for outdoors…so many ideas! 
What do you think? 


8 thoughts on “Feed Sack Pillow

  1. Inspired By Felicity says:

    I'm a new follower from the Tuesday blog hop and will deffinitely be checking back! I love your projects – I'm all about using vintage finds and scraps and making something wonderful from it.
    -Pamela, InspiredByFelicity.blogspot.com


  2. The Cranky Queen says:

    Great pillow. I love those vintage feedsacks. I made one from an old feedsack that has a crown on it. Check out my post and enter to win various pillows in my 300 Follower Giveaway. Thanx, Tiff
    I am your newest follower via Coast Charm Linky Party!


  3. Ann says:

    Great feedback finds. The pillow is wonderful. My grandmother never threw a feedback away. She made them into tablecloths, towels, rugs–you name it. Consequently, I've always had a soft spot for feed and flour sacks.


  4. Leah Koenig says:

    I LOVE it! So cute! Did the burlap smell funny, and if so, how did you get the stink out? I bought a couple at an antique mall once. I had so many ideas, but they needed washed first. Then didn't make it out of the washer alive… The labels were all worn off 😦

    Found you on Craft-O-Maniac
    Visiting from Well Rounded, leahkoenig.blogspot.com


  5. Amanda says:

    Leah- These did not smell, they were pre-washed but I am not sure exactly how. I got a few from a friend and we washed them in the washing machine with a little detergent on delicates, and two of them were just fine, but one that wasn't in such great shape fell apart. I am not sure if there is a method to it, just luck I suppose!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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