Valentine’s Day 2: Love Words Banner

On Day Two of my Valentine’s journey,
 I made a festive banner! 
As I have said before, we are lacking in the decoration department, 
and I have a thing for pendant banners, so I put the two together and came up with this…
Hole Punch
Valentine’s Print Paper
Ribbon &/or Fabric Strips
 Twine or Yarn
Pennant Template (You can find several online, 
I simply freehanded mine) 
First, Trace the pennant template on to your scrapbook paper. 
Cute out as many as you need, depending on what 
word you are using. 
Punch two holes in the top of each pennant shape. 
String your yarn through the top and knot on the back side so it 
won’t slip through or move around. 
Tie each pennant together, leaving the extra string. 
Add your lettering to each pennant. 
I cut mine on my Cricut machine using the Cindy Lou cartridge.


After you have it strung together and the letters added, you can embellish however you want! 
I added teal, pink, red ribbon & red polka dot fabric. 
I also thought about adding blue brads and 
some stiches on the pennants…
we’ll see what comes to mind later! 
What are you doing for your Valentine’s Decor?! 

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