Valentine’s Day 7: Clever Cuties

Pinterest. Is. Amazing. 
I love jumping on every so often and finding 
a MILLION ideas!
 And although there are many I will never get to, 
only dream about, I still pin them to my boards in 
hopes that some day I can quit my job and just CRAFT 
ALL the time! 
So, this is a post of super Cute and Clever 
Valentine’s that I may be giving out this year! 
1. York Peppermint Pattie Tine’ 
I love me a york pattie!  Free label available here:
Get the FREE label for these Valentine’s here!
2. Stiched Heart Book Mark 
As a teacher I LOVE these, great idea for my students. 
Tutorial available here!
3. You’re One Hot Tamale! 
Hot Tamale
Definitely giving these to my hubby! 🙂 
4. You’re Fan “tache” tic! 
Get these precious printables here!
5. Lucky in Love??
Scratch-off hearts valentine?s card
Learn how to make your own Scratch Off Valentine!
Hope these are some helpful ideas! 
Happy Crafting! 

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