The Versatile Blogger Award

I am SO excited!
I have been nominated for the
by Randee, over at Randee’s Organized Chaos!
She made my day!
I am very honored to receive this award!
Now it is my turn to share it with others!
As the recipient, I in turn have to share it with 7 Versatile Bloggers,
who share the love, and so on….
I also have to share 7 things You don’t know about Me!
First, let’s spread the love!
First, I want to share this with Carla at Hammers & High Heels!
I love stopping by her blog to check out her new and creative projects!
So many ideas waiting for me to get inspired by!
Second, Is Holly at Down to Earth Style!
I love, Love, LOVE her charming home, and as a new homeowner myself,
draw LOTS of inspiration from her repurposed pieces!
So Creative!
Third, Liz over at Here’s To Handy Andy, get the award!
I love linking up to her linky parties, and she has some GREAT ideas
of her own!
Fourth, are the ladies over at Toys in the Dryer! I love their linky parties on Fridays and they are currently doing a “14 Days of Valentine’s” as well! Very clever stuff over there! 
Fifth, goes to Heather over at Fake it Frugal
She has some GREAT ideas and I have been reading her blog for a while now! 
She helped me get started blogging with some great advice! 
Sixth, Allison at Crafted Love
She is another who gave me some great feedback and advice as I was setting up my blog! 
She has some great ideas and fun photos on her blog! Check it out! 
Seventh, last but NOT least, Lisa from Recaptured Charm
She has great ideas for repurposing things and making them pretty again! 
She is another lovely lady that helped me out in the very beginning!
Thank you all for your posts and ideas!! You deserve this award!! 
Now…7 things you didn’t know about me…
1. I LOVE Ice Cream…even if it is freezing outside, I can and WILL still eat it! 
2. I am an animal lover! Currently we have a dog (Milo), a kitten (Lucy), two turtles (Boomer & Michaelangelo), and a chinchilla (Carlos.) 
3. I played collegiate basketball and threw shot-put, hammer, discuss, and weight in track at the collegiate level as well. 
4. I am having a year of LIFE CHANGING firsts! (Husband, Teaching Job, Coaching Job, Home, Blog!) 
5. I LOVE to read! In fact, when creating this blog it almost became a Book blog!
6. I ADORE Elvis Presley, I have ever since I was a baby!! What a hunk! 
7. I have a thing for turtle! I even have a turtle tattoo! It is the Hawaiian symbol for turtle, which stands for a long, prosperous life. 🙂 They are so cute! 
Again, Thank you Randee for this awards, and Congratulations to all the bloggers receiving it now! 
You are ALL so versatile and deserve it so much!

Also, You can now follow me via Bloglovin’!


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