Valentine’s Day 8: Keurig Box Valentine’s Holder

With Valentine’s coming up, you are going to need a place 
to put all of those valentine’s! 
After much contemplating, I grabbed a few things from around the house and put this together for you! 
It’s a super simple Valentine’s Holder made out of a Keurig box! 
I had all the supplies at home, so this was a 0$ craft! 
Here is what you will need:
A Keurig Coffee Box 
(I loved the flap, I am sure any small box would work!)
Scrapbook paper
Modge Podge
The very first thing I did was add this paper to the inside to make
 it stronger and so there was a place for the velcro to attach. 

Then, I traced all the sides of the box onto the 
paper and cut the pieces out. 
Then, I modge podged the snot out of that box! 
I put the front and back on first. I cut them both 
a little longer to cover the corners. 
After it was dry, I attached velcro to the flap and the box. 
This will allow all those sweet little valentines
 to stay safe and sound! 
I attached some ribbon with a brad to each side for a handle…
and Waa Laa! You have your cutie pie Valentine holder! 
Happy Crafting! 

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 8: Keurig Box Valentine’s Holder

  1. momto8 says:

    this is fun…one of my daughters made something a little like this…they had so much fun making them there were like 100 in her bedroom..then all the friends came over and started making them too..they were everywhere..must be a fun project for kids!!


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