Valentine’s Day 14: IT’S HERE!!

Today is Valentine’s Day! Wahooo! 
And I have Confrences tonight…
Which means no crafting 😦
But, never the less, I have a superb 
post full of freebies and printables for you! 
The Blogosphere is just booming with
ideas for valentines and 
printables to decorate your home! 

I am especially in love with Owls….
Here are some of my FAVORITES
 that I have been collecting JUST for YOU

This cutie patootie of a Valentine’s Card
can be downloaded over at My Owl Barn.

Drutter-owl pillow box pic
Make your own Owl Pillow Pouch with a
free template by Deena Rutter!

Check out these cuties and print your
own Here!

Creative Treat Bag Toppers 
For you here!

Free 5X7 Owl Print from 

So many clever and cute ideas that I am storing away for next year already! 
Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Crafting! 
{{While today is Valentine’s Day, my heart is full of love, for those close to me, those who are close to those close to me, and to those whom I have yet to meet in my life. 

My heart is also heavy with grief for a family in my school district. 
Our community was shaken up last night by the death of a 10th grader.
It is heartbreaking to think of his parents and siblings, the loss of a child & sibling is unthinkable, yet I am amazed at how fast, how amazingly generous and close together our community becomes at tragic times like these. 

This Valentine’s day is very different from any I have ever celebrated before, and my heart and my prayers go out to all those touched by this young man’s life. 

Please cherish the time you have with those you love. Always tell them how much they mean to you. Always hug them. Always kiss them. Be grateful for the time you have with them and spend that time wisely. }}

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