Wood Pictures

After two weeks of Valentine’s Postings, 
to give you some great new tutorials!

One that I am particularly proud of is
the wooden picture transfers we made to go downstairs.

They fit in with the rustic theme very well! 

To make your own you will need:

1. Pieces of wood, cut to fit your pictures

2. Pictures printed on normal printer paper
*Make sure the print your photos backwards
 if there is any text on them!*

3. Gel Medium (picked mine up at hobby lobby)

4. Old Paint Brush

5. Modge Podge

1. Spread Gel Medium onto the wood generously and smoothly.

2. Rub the picture on, face down.
Let it dry overnight! 

3. The next day, dampen the 
picture with a wet cloth. 

4. Rub off the top layer of paper with your 
wet rag until picture is 
totally shown through. 

5. Cover top of picture with modge podge
(Don’t worry! It dries clear!) 

(These are hanging in the “Man Cave” now) 

Let it dry, and Waa Laa! 
Your very own wooden art work! 

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