Super Busy Saturday!

Wow! This weekend is FLYING by,
 but it has been SO fun!

First things first, please stop by and link 
There is a great giveaway going on, 
and we LOVE to see your creative ideas!

On to the weekend….

Last night the hubby and I took his big buck to the
Deer Classic, and he is placing 2nd right now!
{{I really don’t care for hunting, but it is something he
loves and is excited about, so I am too!}}

Update: He ended up placing 3rd in the Big Buck Contest! 🙂

I did LOTS of window shopping with a good friend today…
and I was SO good!
I only bought one thing….this LOVELY old globe from
and antique store.
{{Picture to come tomorrow!}}

I also signed up for American Crafter.
I am not sure I have much of a chance, there
are SO many talented crafters out there, but
What The Hey?!
It’s for the fun of it, and it would be SO awesome to
be considered!

If you have a second, I would
LOVE it & appreciate it if you would 
stop on over and click on 
#59, Zipper Flowers! 

Another great thing that happenend, I was awarded The “Sunshine Award” by anew blogger friend, Jenny, over at The NY Melrose Family

Thank you Jenny! 
I am so grateful for all of my followers. I have loved blogging so far and sharing my ideaswith you all! 
I hope that you have all had a great weekend so far too! Hopefully I wil get some crafting on tomorrow! Happy Crafting! 


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