Memo Boards/ Jewelry Holder DIY

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I have not posted a Tutorial for some time now…
partially due to my hectic life…but NO excues!

I have been making MANY things for my upcoming craft show,
and I am going to share how to make 
one of them with you!

If DIYing is not your thing, 
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I have seen these precious memo boards while surfing around pinterest, and 
love the use of chicken wire in them! 
I loved it so much, I wanted to make my own and some for gifts, and for the 
craft show, and for EVERYONE! 

Who couldn’t use one of these?

So, what you need to make these cuties are:

1. A Frame 

{{Any size or shape will do. 
I have some antique ones 
I may be doing this to!}}

2. Chicken Wire
3. Wire Cutters

4. Staple Gun

5. Hammer

6. Fabric

1. Take out the frame backing and glass.
 Save it for another project, you won’t need it

2. Hammer down {or if you are strong enough, break em’ off}
 the frame hinges so they lay flat. 

3. Cut your chicken wire to size using the wire cutter. 
Attach the chicken wire to the frame using a staple gun. 

4. Trim off the excess wire around the edges using your wire cutters. 

5. Cut your piece of fabric to the size of the frame. 

6. Attach the fabric {right side down} To the back of the frame 
using the staple gun. Trim away the extra over hanging fabric. 

And there you have it…..
You can use it as a Jewelry Organizer

Or as a Memo Board! 

Enjoy! 🙂 


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