St. Patty’s Day Door Hanger

This is my last St. Patty’s Day decoration for this year! 

I made this right after Valentine’s Day and used these on sale cookie cutters for it. 

{Snagged these babies for .36 cents a pack!}

 Here is the final product….

Not to shabby, right? 

To make your own you will need :

3 packs of heart shaped cookie cutters

Green Spray Paint

Hot Glue


+ Embellishments if you want! 

Let’s Go! 

1. Spray Paint the cookie cutters Green. 
It took me two coats, and make sure you get the
 inside and outside of the cutters. 

2. Once they are dry, bring them inside and
 get your hot glue gun hot! 

3. Lay them in a shamrock shape and hot glue the centers together. 

{I had to lay them on top of each other because of the ridges, 
so you will have to play with the placement a bit. }

4. Once they are dry, you will want to wrap ribbon around the center of the Largest shamrock, it is a little wobbly! 

5. Now, you can arrange them and lay them out however you want! 
I decided to hang them from a large green ribbon. 
I used a glue dot to secure the ribbon and keep it where I wanted it,
then added the second ribbon and gems for some sparkle! 

6. Once I had all the shamrocks decorated, I hot glued the ribbon of the smallest one to the back of the middle, and repeated that for the middle sized shamrock to the largest shamrock, and there you have it! 

Who would have ever guessed they were cookie cutters?! 

Happy Crafting! 

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