90 Day Challenge

I did it. 

Today I signed up for Visalus.

I have been skeptical, I have tried many other things, but 
I am tired of not being healthy. 
I am tired of making excuses for my habits, so I am making the change. 
I have seen how well The 90 Day Challenge has worked for a school mate of mine, and now I am prepared for those amazing changes in myself! 

I am not one to talk about my self confidence or how I feel about my looks,
but I am through not being happy with my life. 

Last year in February my 47 year old, fairly fit, father suffered a minor heart attack, which 
lead to a triple bypass surgery. 
I will never forget how scary that time was for us all, but he came out a stronger, 
healthier man, and he was so very lucky. 
Since then he has lost 50 pounds, walks 4-8 miles EVERY day, and 
takes better care of himself.

I did for a while, but then I fell back into my bad habits. 
I am scared that my future looks much like that of my Dad’s, my Grandma’s (who had bypass a few years ago), and my Grandpa’s (who passed away after having 7 bypasses)  

I used to be fit, athletic, and energetic. I looked better, I had more engery, and was excited about life, but lately I feel lazy, and am not happy with myself for getting here. 

I blamed it on my sweet tooth, on my husband, on not being in sports anymore, not practicing every day..blah blah blah, but I rarely got up to go walking or running or anything! I was always so “busy.” I am not too busy for living a better life. 
No one is. 

So, I am cutting myself off from excuses. 

I am ready! 

I invite anyone who wants to take this 90 challenge to join me! 

You can read all about it and sign up here at Visalus
I am nervous about doing this, so the more the merrier! 

I would love a support group and would love to be there for you too! 


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