What Meegan Makes!

Hello There!!  This is Meegan from What
Meegan Makes.  Amanda and I got together and decided to do a

“Guest Post Swap” today.  I am excited to be here and share with
you something that I love to do.

A friend of ours was getting ready to throw this beauty in the dump!!
 I heard her talking to her son about going to the dump with this
ugly, sage green cupboard with black knobs.  Without seeing it, I
told him to take it to MY house. He said, “You won’t like it-it’s

Well guess what?  I fell in love as soon as I saw it.  It
holds all of my crafting items.  IE; paints, brushes, ribbon,
glues, beads, scrapbook paper, etc…  I have enjoyed this piece
in our kitchen, in our bedroom and now our TV room.  I have
changed the color a few times to fit our decor.  When it was in
our bedroom I painted it silver to match what I was trying to do at
the time.  Looks good, huh?  Don’t you just love those black

I REALLY like how the paint is crackled.  Since, I have been
trying to bring softer, bluer tones into our home, like I have in our bedroom now.  I thought it was time
to paint this, as well.

I mixed Turquoise Mist-Olympic, and Robin’s Egg Blue craft paint to
outline the cupboards and drawers.

Then I decided to paint just a few of the drawers just the Turquoise
Mist.  After I was this far into it, I decided to still leave
some drawers silver.  I REALLY like how it turned out 🙂

I like the contrast and I still have the aged look, too.
 Something unexpected.

Here is a closer look.  See, you can still see the crackled look
without even sanding it.

Amanda, thanks for having me “Guest Post” on your blog today!  I
am honored and grateful!

Make it a great day!!

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