Spring Wreath

Last week I created a wreath for my front door, considering Spring is 
in full bloom, it’s about time! 

The finished product looks a little something like this…

To make your own you will need…

An old picture frame
Hot Glue
{{I choose flowers, you could do felt or whatever you desire}}
Ribbon for hanging

1. This is a wrap and glue kind of project, so to start, you will need to cut strips of burlap. 
I cut mine about 2.5 inches wide by 18 inches long. There is no perfect measurement, so you can decide!

To wrap all the way around, simple trip and glue the pieces to the back of the frame as you go. 

2. Once you have your pieces cut, start by gluing one edge to the back of your frame, then wrap it around and around, overlapping the burlap as you go. 

3. If you are using a square frame the corners can get a bit tricky. 
I wrapped my burlap around the pointed corner, then went back and wrapped the edges down by simply overlapping the burlap pieces. 

{{If that is confusing, just e-mail and I will try and explain better!}}

4. Continue wrapping all the way around the frame and finish by hot gluing the last strip to the back. 
You can now add your embellishments and ribbon for hanging! 

Once you are done you will have a one of a kind
Spring piece to welcome friends at your door! 

Just a quick note:
You still have time to enter week’s giveaway & link up your projects,

I will be giving away a precious prize from My Little Feather. 

Set of 6 Owl Ornaments or Plushies - Chocolate and Purple

Hurry over now to get partying! 

Happy Crafting!

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