Junk Days!

In my little town, twice a year, there are bulk
 city clean up days. 

Everyone puts their “junk” on the curb and people like 
me go around town and look at it, and if there is a little
gem in there, we take it! 

Today was the first day of city clean up, and 
my husband and I went 
for a walk this evening, where we happened to find 
some treasures! 

{{At least we think so!}}

As some of you may know, my hubby is a hunter,
 and the man cave has
a hunting theme. 

We found a couple items specifically for his “area!” 

This old bugger is going to need some cleaning up, 
but he had quite the nice rack! 

The rack above had a unique twist in the antler, 
unique enough for him to snag it! 

Also pictured is someone’s mini spoon collection that I found. 
Not sure what will be done with it yet, 
but I’m sure something will come of them! 

This one is probably my favorite find of the night. 
It’s an old “Lang’s Milk” product clock & light. 
The hubbs is cleaning it up as we speak! 
{I mean type!}

And these old kitchen chairs…
quite lovely… quite charming… and they look 
even better cleaned up! 

I am SO happy with day one, along with all of these we also 
grabbed a few old wooden crates… sigh… 

I can’t wait to see what there is the rest of the week! 

6 thoughts on “Junk Days!

  1. Lori says:

    Big Pout!!! Why don't we have a city wide day like this? I love all your great treasures, and I can hardly wait to see what else you pick up this week, so I'm following along. I would love if you stopped by for a visit. Happy hunting, Lori


  2. Lori says:

    Did you know your “word verification” is on? It makes leaving comments troublesome…when I turned mine off, my comments doubled. Just so ya know, Lori


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