Nursery Makeover

Let’s start back a ways…
Before Mr. Lincoln came into our world, we spend a LOT of time preparing and getting ourselves ready for his arrival. Not only that, but we remodeled our main floor bathroom and extra bedroom to be ready for him. It was a fun, exhausting, but completely exciting project. 
Before, the room was a rustic decorated guest room with no closet or storage space. The house was built in the 20’s and used as more of a study, so there was no need for storage…but that had to be changed! 
Guest Room Before Nursery Reno – Nothing Fancy!
To prepare for all the changed, my father in law and husband did gave the room what it needed, a closet and (an added bonus) a built in dresser! They took out part of a wall…which was scary, built cabinets and put in many man hours in just the construction phase of the project. 
The previous spring break they totally redid our main floor bathroom, but during this process they added in a built in cabinet in there too. 
The Bathroom Pre-Reno…
I will post about the remodeled bathroom soon!
This is nasty… 

After the structure of the room was set, it was time for prettying it up a bit….or handsom-ing it up 🙂
I knew I didn’t want an overwhelming theme in the room, but it took me a while to decide on what it was I wanted for sure. I started with a color pallet and went with grey, teal, and white accents. After the colors were picked, I needed something that would tie it all together….something cute….something elephanty.

I have a knack for things vintage and unique, so after deciding on elephant would be the common theme in the room, we looked for fun and unique elephant accents that would add to the nursery, but not overwhelm it.

I hand crafted some elephants to hang on the wall for something one of a kind.
I also printed black and white elephant images onto old atlas pages and put them in frames for a fun addition. These, along with many cute elephant finds, have brought it all together for our little man!

The diy-ed elephant wall hangings and our big SUPER comfy rocking recliner…
a must for late night feedings!
So again, the before…
And After… 

Here are some more pictures of the final project….


Also, please comment if you have any nursery ideas or projects you have done! I always love to see what you are working on!

The view from entrance of the nursery.
Our mini gallery wall above the changing station. 
The new built ins allowed for a desk to be built in as well.
This will be great for when he is older!   
The crib and giant chalk board. 🙂
It’s one of my favorite pieces in this room.

Inside the cupboard my father in law and hubby built…
I’d say we are prepared for his arrival! 

My first wreath with yarn pom…
this is a simple diy post for another time!

One of my favorite quotes by Abraham Lincoln…fitting 🙂


2 thoughts on “Nursery Makeover

  1. Tabitha Keese says:

    The nursery looks awesome! I love elephants and chevron and gray and turquoise and DIY and… Well, EVERYTHING about it! I'd love to feature it on my blog next Friday, if you don't mind 🙂


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