What to read?

As a Literature and Language Arts teacher, my list of “Must Reads” is constantly growing, albeit with lots of middle school, teen favorites, but still, I’m always adding to it!

I read a wide range of novels, over many different topics and genres, and thought I would share several of the books I’ve recently finished with you!

I’d love to hear what you’re loving to read right now! (And add it to my list!) Share in the comments below this post!

   1. Hands Free Mama By Rachel Macy StaffordbookhandsfreemamaAs a busy mama who struggles juggling her schedule many days, this was a good read for me. I appreciated the ideas and stories shared, and it encouraged me to analyze the ways in which I prioritize my time spent with family, rather than focused on being the “perfect mama” or always on social media. The structure of the book is set up to be read one chapter a month, but I read it all pretty quickly. While I enjoyed reading Hands Free Mama and the message it shares, I also found it to be pretty repetitive. I got the jist of it after the first few chapters, but overall, the message was very powerful.

2. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? By Mindy KalingbookmindyIf you enjoyed watching the Office, and if you love the sarcastic humor of Mindy Kaling, you will love this book. If you don’t know who Mindy Kaling is, this isn’t for you. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her honest essays about all aspects of her life, but if you don’t know her character from her work in television and film, I am not sure you will understand the tone of this book. I appreciated very much that it was never raunchy or filled with swearing like many comedian’s autobiographies tend to be nowadays, and it was a very light and easy read for me!

3. Dog By Matthew Van FleetbookdogLove. Love. Doggone love this book! My son is nearly 2, and this is currently one of his favorite books. It’s adorable, just look at the cover! We have two dogs of our own, and Baby Bonjour will read this book with me over and over, on a daily basis. I enjoy that is has action tabs, textures for him to touch, and uses a wide variety of vocabulary words. I love the darling, real life photos of puppies, and appreciate the durability of this board book. My little man whips pages wildly, and this is a sturdy book for toddler hands!

4. I Love You Through and Through
By Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak, Caroline Jayne Church
bookthroughandthroughThis is one of my favorite children’s books.  I not only love the darling illustrations in this book, but I love that my son will sit with me in the rocking chair in his room, and listen to this book over and over before bedtime. We have many books by these ladies, and they all tug at the heart-strings, but this little book that describes the unconditional love between parent and child makes the tears flow when I am a bit feeling sentimental. We’ve been reading this one since he was in my tummy, and will continue to read it for years to come. Precious.

5. 365 Devotions to Embrace What Matters Most By John Michalak bookdevotionBack to books for mommy, this is a new one I have just started, and I have to tell ya’, I think it’s great! My sister and I started this together, and I really love how each entry builds upon each other, and often find it hard to stop at just one a day. (I may have read ahead a couple of times …) The devotions are short enough, but very well worded, that it doesn’t eat hours out of my day to read and truly reflect on my devotional. The messages are clear and meaningful, and allow me to think deeply, and are a wonderful way to start my day.

6. Baby Laughs By Jenny McCarthy bookbabylaughsI should preface this: If you haven’t read her first book, Belly Laughs, go do it! (Especially if you are expecting!)  This one is filled with stories and advice focusing on her first year with her baby, whereas Belly Laughs is all about dealing with the (not so) glamorous 9 months of pregnancy. I read her first book when I was expecting my son, and devoured it in a day, I actually think I liked that book more, but they are both humorous, touching, and truthful. I could relate to many of the stories in both books, and loved her hilarious way of describing the things we as pregnant women and mothers go through. If you like Jenny’s humor, you know she is very blunt and straightforward, so if poopy diapers and other bodily fluids make you queasy, these books may not be for you. 😉

Ok, enough about what I have been reading, what about you?! If you’ve read some of these books, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, please share your top reads, I’m always adding to my list!



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