Chicken Wire Frame Tutorial

Have you ever bought chicken wire before?
I don’t have chickens, so I was a little shocked when I found out chicken wire came in a gigantic roll, I mean, these rolls are huge…like I could make a whole coop or fence out of this roll, but I bought some anyway.
I’ve had the same roll of chicken wire for about two years now.
Needless to say, it’ll last you a while, but the good news is that there are many crafty things you can do with it. One of my favorite things to make with chicken wire is dangly earring holders.

It’s a simple and quick craft that can make quite a statement!
(And you don’t even have to own any chickens! 😉 )
earringholder1You may already have a frame on hand that you’d like to use, but if not, a great place to check for unique wooden frames is a goodwill or thrift store. They often have great pieces for low prices! You can’t beat that!

To get started, you’ll need:
-A frame with glass and backing removed (large small, rectangle, round, whatever you like!)
-Chicken Wire
-Staple Gun and Staples
-Wire Cutter
-Hammer (Optional)
earringholder6First, lay the chicken wire on the back of the frame. It likes to roll up on you as you try to lay it flat, so I usually start by stapling one corner, then stretching out the wire and stapling the opposite diagonal corner.
Once you have it layed out, staple all the way around the frame. I pull it tight as I staple, otherwise the middle tends to sag. No one wants saggy chicken wire. earringholder7Second – Trim the excess chicken wire off with wire cutters. It seems like common sense…but be sure to trim out the OUTSIDE of the staple. Not saying I’ve ever messed that up before…but if I had, I’m sure it’d be very frustrating and annoying to fix. 🙂
earringholder9Third – This step is optional, but I like to hammer down the staples to be sure they are sturdy and in tight. I’d hate to have some staples come loose, and make that middle sag.
So, if you are doing this, just hammer down the staples all around the edge.
earringholder10There you have it!
Your back should look something like this.
Tip: If you don’t want those pesky wire edges scratching your wall, you can cut and staple (or use hot glue) to apply a fabric backing.
earringholder13These chicken wire frames make great accents to your wall.
If you don’t want to hang them up, you can use an easel to stand them up on a shelf.
Make them whatever size or style you prefer, paint the frame, add fabric backing…it’s all up to you and your style!
earringholder5Happy Crafting!
I’d love to see what unique frames you come up with!


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