What To Read: Back to School Edition

What2ReadschoolIntroI know some people have already started going back to school, and we are not far behind you! Teachers go back next week, with students coming the following Monday, and as the summer clock ticks down, my excitement and anxiety for the new school year picks up!

There are SO many emotions that come along with going back to the classroom after a wonderful (super fast) summer. I am dreading sending Lincoln back to daycare full-time. I know that it’s going to be a lot tougher on me than him. He will love being back with his buddies, but I will miss sleeping in with him, snuggling and watching cartoons in the morning, playing outside all day, going to the park whenever we want, swimming, and painting in the afternoons, random trips to Grandma’s, and so many other fun activities. I have cherished spending so much time with him and experiencing many firsts together this summer!

I am full of anticipation and get butterflies in my stomach when I think about meeting my new kiddos! Getting to know them that first week is such a fun and critical thing, and just so I am excited for the year we will share together!

I am doing some reading to get myself in the mindset of getting back to work, and have some titles I really love that might help you if you’re in the same boat!
Sidenote: There are SO many wonderful, inspirational, educational, and just all around great books to read when getting ready to go back to school, or when you need a little motivational boost. These books are just a few I enjoy, (and one Lincoln is loving right now!) I’d love to hear what you like to read, I know I am missing some great ones from this little list!

1. The Essential 55: An Award-Winning Educator’s Rules for Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child.
By: Ron Clarkbook5Wowza! 55 Rules! First of all…no, I don’t have 55 rules that I set at the start of the year, but I do love this book. His enthusiasm and excitement are contagious! He has so many great ideas and examples, and I definitely pull ideas from his rules and strategies in this book. I really hits on the concept of respect and how important that is in the teacher/student relationship. I couldn’t agree more with that! A lot of the rules don’t only apply to school, but are life lessons for anyone. As you can tell from the wear and tear, this book has been around a while, and I like to revisit it before each year.

2. Checklist for Life: For Teachers
BookChecklistI personally love books like this. It has a message or short story, along with an “I Will” checklist, “Things To Do” checklist, and a “Things to Remember” section  that includes scripture and quotes that go along with each reading. It’s a great handbook that addresses many situations teachers are faced with on a daily basis. It touches on fairness, time management, caring, creativity, and much more. There are over 60 topics and checklists in this little dandy, and I would highly recommend it to teachers at any level!

3. Teachers Have Class 
By Mary Rodarte
book3This little gem here was a garage sale find from last summer, and it was so worth the .50 cents! 🙂 It’s not really a book you sit down and read for advice, but it is a quote book expressing appreciation for teachers. It has some great one liners, and is just a “feel good” book overall. It’s not just something to read at the start of a new year, but also throughout the year for a bit of inspiration.

4. Baby Loves To Party 
By: Wednesday Kirwan
book1This book is one of Lincoln’s current favorites – and not-so secretly, I love it too! It’s a fun, colorful, and engaging book that includes numbers, animals, and rhyming. All the animals in the book love to party, but who loves to party the most? Baby! 🙂 This one currently stays in the diaper bag so it’s always with us!

5. Mommy Prayers 
By: Tracy Mayor
book4This was a gift I received when Lincoln was born, and I have referenced it many a time! It lives on my nightstand with my devotional. When thinking about going back to school, I often read the prayers for working moms, which is something I love being, but also struggle with. (A whole post for another time!) This has helped me get through some confusing times!

So, that’s what has been on my docket lately, what about you? I’d love to hear what you are reading before heading back to the classroom!


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