Animalini Mania

BeQuickIntroIt’s no secret, I am a newfound, self-proclaimed Ju-Ju-Be lover.
This is a recent discovery, but now I can’t seem to get enough! I even have my little man in love with Ju-Ju-Be! Animalini is his favorite print, and it’s quickly becoming one of mine as well.
My most recent purchase is the wonderfully portable Ju-Ju-Be Quick.
bequickAs soon as Lincoln saw it, he started making lion, monkey and elephant noises as he pointed out the animals in the print. It was too cute, I wish I’d have gotten it on video!  It was clear I’d picked the right pattern to go along with our diaper bags, at least the right choice for Little Man!
I have to admit, when I was browsing prints online, I was unsure about how much yellow was on the bag, I am not a big yellow fan…but, once it arrived and I saw the cute animalinis on it, I was in love!

There are so many great things about this little bag!
One thing I really appreciate about it is the clip-on strap that make it so this bag can be used as a wristlet, strapped to a stroller, or for the little ladies in your life, worn as a cute little purse!
bequick3The inside of the Be Quick is just as awesome as the outside! The lining is light so you can easily see and find everything you stow away inside it. It has a large main zippered pocket, big enough to hold my butipod, 3-4 diapers, my wallet, cellphone, and a few little necessities. It also has an inside small zippered pocket, where I keep my stroller straps for our diaper bag, or other little things.
bequick1It’s also machine washable, (air dry!) and coated with Teflon fabric protector, to help repel those stains us mommys always seem to happen upon. (No help from the littles of course 😉 )
So, as you can see, this little bag is a thing of beauty! It can be stored in your big diaper bag, worn as a wristlet, or hung on the stroller. There are so many purposes for the Be Quick, I already have plans to get a few more in other prints!

As for those ADORABLE accessories you see in the title image, I have my new friend Jittima, creator and owner of MyBebo, to thank for those gems!
She is a busy mommy of two little boys, who loves sewing, baking and cooking in her free time! Let me tell you, she is a wonderful seamstress! She fell in love with Ju-Ju-Be while searching for the perfect diaper bag to suit two little ones, and when she found Ju-Ju-Be, she became hooked! (Just like me!) She started sewing custom Ju-Ju-Be creations, and loves creating beautiful and functional pieces with their amazing prints!
bequickbutipodShe made me this adorable butipod cover in the animalini print, which I absolutely love! It’s so stunning and slim, it fits in my BeQuick with no problem!
bequickstrollerstrapsShe also made these awesome stroller clips to match all my animalini products! They fit in the inside zipper pocket of my Be Quick! I love these, they are such a necessary item for any Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag owner, and I adore that they can be personalized to match your bags print! So creative!
You can find many more beautiful Ju-Ju-Be customs in Jittima’s shop and on her facebook page!
If you have any questions about these products, feel free to contact my facebook page! I’d love to chat Ju-Ju-Be with you! What’s your favorite TokiDoki print? 🙂



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