Key Fob Giveaway!!

keyfobgiveawayRecently I posted about a couple amazing accessories from MyBebo on facebook, that go along wonderfully with my Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick in Animalini print, and I LOVE them! I have been using them for about a week now, and I don’t know why I didn’t order some sooner! They are so cute and useful!

Well, this week I received some stunning key fobs from Eji Italian Fobs, and they are simply gorgeous! I can’t get over the amount of detail and work that must go into these beauties, and I love how they add some bling to my already pretty Ju-Ju-Be bags! 🙂 And the best news is…I have one to give away to you!!

First, look at this…just look at it!
fob2This fob is the silver rose fob, made to match Ju-Ju-Be’s Charcoal Roses print, and it goes with it perfectly! I love hanging this on the front Mommy pocket of my bag. People have noticed it, and love how it accents the bag so nicely! I know I am biased, but it’s my favorite!
fob1This TokiDoki fob is made to match the animalini print. It’s a fun, silly, little guy, that matches the cow kid on the print perfectly!

And now for you, a chance to win this beautiful pink donut fob!
(It would match your Perky Toki bag wonderfully! 😉 )
fob3Did you know Blissfully Bonjour has a facebook page that gets updated often with tips, ideas, and day to day thoughts?
🙂 Well, we do! 🙂
And, because this gorgeous fob is up for grabs,
you can enter to win it by liking Blissfully Bonjour on facebook!

Be sure to check out Eji Italian Fobs on etsy, she is so talented and has so many beautiful pieces! I am sure you can find one that matches your bag! 


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