Back To School Bonanaza

BacktoschoolbonanzaI don’t know a better word to describe the chaos that ensues for a teacher as they head back to school. Bonanza. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. My mind was violently shaken out of vacation mode, and just as quickly thrown back into crazy-town, and I loved every second of it.

This week has been a major whirlwind of late nights and early mornings, packed lunches and quick dinners, grading papers and planning lessons, teaching class and taking classes of my own, and all the while trying to maintain a some what sane home life. (Yeah right!) It’s such a blessing to be in a profession I truly enjoy and love, otherwise I don’t think I could stand the circus of a life we live.

On Monday, kids came in a little timid, nervous to meet the new teacher, but excited to see their friends and start a new year. That shyness will quickly fade as their personalities have already started to shine through, and we’ve already been building the foundation for a great school year.

We went through the basics, the hum drum of rules and expectations for 7th and 8th graders, and the fun of what’s to come. We played get to know you games and set goals for ourselves for this school year. It was such a great day, and amidst the cups of coffee and diet cokes to keep me going, it zoomed by so quickly I hardly knew it. 😉

The rest of the week, as any teacher knows, was more about classroom management and setting standards than it was about getting deep into curriculum. It’s more about getting to know their homework habits, their handwriting skills, their reading levels, and how to help them grow, even so we introduced a new story, vocabulary, sentence structure, and some nitty gritty skills they’ll need as a basis for this year.

It was a great week, but I may not of gotten through as easily it if it hadn’t been for these things, my “survival kit” you might say…

  • Lincoln’s hugs and smooches before and after school – There is just something about a toddler’s unconditional, sweet, honest love that makes you feel like you can conquer the world!
  • Coffee…lots of coffee – I didn’t drink a ton of it this summer, so was hoping I might be able to get by on less this year…funny haha, not a chance! My personal favorite is Starbucks Caramel K-Cups
  • Almonds and Dark Chocolate – Any chocolate really. No explanation needed. I am loving Brookside’s Crunchy Clusters right now!
  • Hand Sanitizer – The amount of germs we encounter really is disgusting. I am not much of a germ-a-phob, but over the summer I forgot about the gross stuff a teacher deals with, even in middle school. (Especially in middle school!)
  • Planning Ahead – My room was ready, my lessons were “ready,”  lunches were packed and clothes were laid out the night before, the coffee timer was set, and I was able to go to bed without worrying about having to get up extra early to prep for the day.
  • My Hubby – He’s just plain old fantastic, and a teacher himself, so we’re both going through the same thing. That helps a lot, but he’s also the most supportive and understanding guy I know, so he puts up with my craziness rather well. 🙂

I hope your first few days, or weeks back to school have been just as fantastic!
There is LOTS of back to school goodness, teacher kits, and tips on Pinterest, be sure to follow me there!


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