Superhero Room Makeover…and a GIVEAWAY!

SuperHeroRoomIntro Superheroes are SO popular now! The love for superheros spans across so many groups of people. In my very own home, we have a little toddler-man and an adult who both share a deep love for batman. It’s actually a little bit crazy…my husband has batman football cleats, sweatbands, and under armour gear, among other things…you could say he’s a big fan. 😉 But, I have to admit, I am a fan of superheroes myself. We don’t really have a preference of Marvel or DC, we just like the tales of heroism and the characters from all the stories!
So, it only made sense that we would turn my son’s toddler room into superhero headquarters! It isn’t complete yet, we are in the process of getting it ready currently, but I thought I would share some of the adorable accessories we’ve been gathering for his big boy room!
These metal comic book signs were picked up at Hobby Lobby and will adorn little man’s bedroom walls soon! I plan to put costumes from each of the superheroes pictured underneath them on some cute hooks. He is starting to love dress up, and this will be a fun way to display them!
superhero9These are one of my favorite things we’ve picked up, also from Hobby Lobby, and we’re going to put them onto a dresser we are refurbishing. The “POW!” handle will go on his night stand. 🙂 I’m so excited to show you the finished product!
superhero3These are for SURE my favorite thing we have picked up so far, they are so darn adorable! Hallmark has these precious Itty Bitty’s in so many different characters, and we’ve picked up most of the superhero ones. They are the perfect size for him right now, and there are no hard or sharp edges for Mama to worry about!
superhero4We’ve pretty much been grabbing things here and there as we find them, but have decided to go more with the comic book theme than old school or new school, and I love the bright colors that go along with it! We haven’t stuck to Marvel or DC, and I think that opens a lot of doors! We found the “BOOM!” pillow at the At Home store, the wooden sign was a gift, the Captain America wall light is from Target, and I made a blanket from fleece bought at JoAnn’s. These metal signs are also from Hobby Lobby, they have so many cute things right now, all over the place!

Now something for Mama! 🙂
superhero2This adorable necklace comes from Ann at Batty Boutique on Etsy! She sent it in this adorable packaging, and I absolutely love it! Little man thought it was pretty awesome as well! She has so many awesome pieces in her shop, Superheroes, My Little Ponies, TokiDoki, and so much more. Each piece is colorful and unique, you are sure to find something for you or someone you know! AND…she sent me one to giveaway to one of you! 🙂
necklace1This beauty is up for grabs! How cute is this?! It is such a fun piece that could be dressed up or down. This picture doesn’t do it justice, it an awesome, one of a kind necklace!
To win, like Blissfully Bonjour on Facebook, and share the giveaway post!
Also, if you shop Batty Boutique now, Ann is offering 10% off you order with the code ILoveBatty!
Good Luck!!


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