The Halloween Helpers


It always seems like the holidays creep up on us faster and faster each year, and this year is no different! The air is getting crisper, the leaves are turning beautiful shades of oranges and yellows, Halloween is almost here, and we have little man’s Batman costume all ready for trick or treating. He’s tried it on a couple times and loves it, but afterwards we have a hard time getting him out of it.  He loves dressing up, and what little one doesn’t? The problem is that not every little boy or ghoul (see what I did there 😉 ) has a costume to wear this halloween, even though they’d love to go out haunting their neighborhoods for treats.

The good news is that you can help solve this problem! The Halloween Helpers are an organization that help provide costumes to children who may not have one. Their site states: “Developed in 2008 by then 11-year-old Emma Rose Shapiro, the mission of The Halloween Helpers is to collect previously-enjoyed, gently-used Halloween costumes, and donate them to children who may not typically be able to participate in this yearly celebration.”
Can you believe that!? A generous, thoughtful little lady started this wonderful organization that now distributes costumes across the nation! They aren’t distributing to Iowa yet, but we can help them grow! The best part is, you can support this organization by purchasing an adorable Halloween story to share with your little one!
aviator owlbook
S.A. Porcher is a recent graduate from Purdue University who writes and illustrate the children’s books for Aviator Owl Books. Every book supports a different cause, donating 50% of the profits to that cause. The Aviator Owls and the Dancing Skeleton was created to help support The Halloween Helpers, and you can purchase your copy here at

Each copy purchased will give a portion to Halloween Helpers. Not only are you getting a sweet, rhyming Halloween tale to share with your family, but you’re helping another family enjoy the Trick or Treating tradition! That’s a win-win to me!

Not only that, but S.A. Porcher was kind enough to send me 5 copies of her book to share with some of you! I will be giving away 4 copies this Sunday, October 18th!
To enter, like this post on Blissfully Bonjour’s facebook page, and leave a comment!

Thanks for your generosity, and helping support this great cause!
For any information on AO Books, check out 


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