What’s Going On?!

update2016.jpgHappy New Year to you and yours!
It’s been 3 long months since I’ve posted, and a lot has been going on in our world.

Since my post in October, we’ve had some major life changes. It’s been a very busy and exciting time, and I am thrilled to share with you!

Little Man turned two in early November, and we celebrated by throwing a Bubble Guppies Bash! It was a lot of fun, and a party post will be coming soon. He was spoiled by family and friends, and we had a great time celebrating his life together! I’ve had a hard time catching up in my baby book, there’s been so much to add, but it’s getting there!
I love this baby book from 2giggles on etsy. We bought it in teal for Lincoln, and I plan to get another because…

Shortly after my son’s second birthday, we announced that we will be adding a new member to our family!
Coming in June, Baby Bonjour #2 will make their appearance! We will be finding out the gender in a couple short weeks, and as so excited to find out if we’ll be adding a little lady or another little man to our crazy bunch! Little man is SO excited to be a big brother! He knows the baby is in mommy’s tummy, and his favorite bedtime story right now is I am a Big Brother by Caroline Jayne Church.
There will be lots to post about as we prepare for the arrival of Superbaby #2! IMG_4944
We shared with our classes as well! In my room, we played a game to tell the news.
We celebrated Mr. Bonjour’s birthday mid-month, he is another year older, wiser, and more handsome. 😉
December is one of my favorite months because of the holiday feel everywhere you go! Seeing the holidays through Lincoln’s eyes has been one of the best parts of of the year. He was so excited about every little thing, he loved the lights, the snow, the sights around town, and especially playing with the ornaments on our tree.
We loved having Santa visit our own house this year, and spent most of the holidays with family. Over our Christmas break we spent a lot of time relaxing and enjoying our time together. It was a lovely, much needed time of rest for us all!
We had plenty of great food and treats to eat, and my belly sure grew over break! (Not just from the nummies!)


-A few weeks ago the belly popped!Baby is growing right along, all is going well!-

Last month also brought a few changes professionally for us, as Caleb received his administrative certificate, and I accepted a new position for next school year as the K-12 Literacy Coach.

There will be many, many changes for us in 2016, but we are so excited for them all! Stay tuned for more posts and updates as 2016 unfolds!

Upcoming Post Topics: 
-Lincoln’s Bubble Guppie Party – Decorations and Fun!
-Lincoln’s NEW Superhero Room reveal!
-Baby Gender Reveal! 🙂
-Nursery Reveal…and many more baby posts I am sure!


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