Bubble Guppie Birthday Bash

Back in November, our little man turned the big ol’ terrible 2!
Looking back on it, I didn’t take near enough pictures of everything we did for it, but I thought I’d share some of what we did as well as our “pinspiration” for it all!

For decorations we went pretty simple, yet fitting the theme. My sister helped hang all the streamers and blow up a bunch of blue balloons in different sizes to resemble bubbles, and we hung them up using Command Balloon Bunchers which worked wonderfully!
In the kitchen we just did the blue steamers, balloons, and birthday banner, and in the kitchen we did the pillar type streamers. We added green streamers twisted on the bottom to look like seaweed, as well as cutouts of fishies from the show.
We has his cake made by an amazing local lady. It was not only delicious, but perfectly done! Lincoln was so excited to see “puba puppy” on his cake!

For snacks we had salt water taffy, “beach balls” (cheese balls), submarine sandwiches, and some other side dishes with less beachy names. 🙂

For the kids area we had lots of coloring pages, Help Bubble Puppy Catch the Ball (like pin the tail), bubbles, tattoos, and goldfish snacks for them!

Like I said, I did not take near enough photos, but I found tons of great ideas on Pinterest and Catch My Party for the party!

There were many cute shirts on etsy like the one below, but I didn’t think about it far enough ahead of time to have it made and shipped for the party. So, I did the next best thing! I made an iron on of my own, and we put it on a white shirt for Lincoln to wear during his party!

The first is a design from etsy.com, and the second is the image I merged and reversed for ironing on Lincoln’s shirt. It worked great and was easy to make in a pinch!
Of course, he didn’t leave the shirt on for long…he wanted to wear his Halloween costume, and who am I to say “no” to the birthday boy? So, for most of the afternoon our little man was adorned in this…
bg4It warms my heart that he is such a funny, loving, and goofy little man.
One thing’s for sure…there is never a dull moment with our love bug!


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